New Series: Of the Holy Scripture: The Classic Presbyterian Doctrine in the Westminster Confession of Faith (May 14, 2022)

The Self-Revelation of God (WCF §I.1) (May 21, 2022)

The Canon of Scripture (WCF §I.2 & §I.3) (June 4, 2022)

The Authority of Scripture (WCF §I.4) (June 11, 2022)

The Authentication of Scripture (WCF §I.5) (July 4, 2022)

The Completeness of Scripture (WCF §I.6)

The Perspicuity of Scripture (WCF §I.7)

The Inspiration, Preservation, & Translation of Scripture (WCF §I.8)

The Interpretation of Scripture (WCF §I.9)

The Role of Scripture in Ecclesiastical Disputes (WCF §I.10)

Bible Study

Slavery and the Bible (August 2, 2012)

Understanding Leviticus, Part I: The Old Testament Sacrifice (October 16, 2013)

The Feeding of the Five Thousand and the Bread of Life Discourse (December 11, 2014)

A Delicious Paradise: The World of Man Before the Fall (October 6, 2019)

Does It Matter that Jesus Christ Was Born of a Virgin? (December 22, 2020)

On the Ordination of Women (May 20, 2021)


What Keeps the ECO and the PCA from Becoming One? (January 17, 2015; revised October 15, 2021)

One Presbyterian Layman’s Journey of Faith (July 17, 2016)

Now Celebrating Fifty-One Years of Uninterrupted Decline by Mishandling the Word of God… (May 29, 2017)

When Progress Founders: An Evaluation of the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Efforts to Reform Itself (April 14, 2018)

What Is in a Name? (September 15, 2019)

Does It Matter that Jesus Christ Was Born of a Virgin? (December 22, 2020)

On the Ordination of Women (May 20, 2021)

A Brief Comparison of Recent Membership Statistics in Two Presbyterian Denominations (June 12, 2022)

Social Issues

On the Sinfulness of Sexual Desire (November 4, 2018)

On Abortion (January 22, 2021)

Archived Posts

A Response to the Litigious Spirit of Heartland Presbytery (June 23, 2012; updated June 26, 2012; archived October 22, 2021)

On the Ordination of Women (July 2, 2012; archived May 20, 2021)

Whither the Presbyterian Church? (July 26, 2012; archived October 22, 2021)

A Letter to Kansas State Representative Barbara Bollier regarding House Substitute for Senate Bill No. 18 (March 1, 2014; archived October 22, 2021)

4 thoughts on “Index

  1. I just finished reading your article about the UMC conference that was dated 3/1 and found on juicyecumenism. Very well thought out and written.

  2. Thank you for your very perceptive reply to Mark Tooley’s post of his take on the possible future of the UMC. You are a very gifted communicator.

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